Yamanashi Prefecture in the County's most venerable old Buddhist temple in Nara period(0/719)And are reported to and was founded by gyoki. Sainenji Temple and Mt. Fuji faith and relationships are deep, Edo period, 富士講 people purified themselves in sainenji Temple West Temple, then Fuji worship the grain had been conducted.

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Wraple concrete pouring May 10 (Thursday)

It was cloudy on Thursday, May 10th, but the forecast was that the weather was recovering in the morning, so it was concrete pouring.
It was the part which supported the pillar of the steel frame mainly under the lower beam.
In the photograph, the upper part of the formwork seemed to be left over, so when I asked the supervisor, "As a result of the excavation, it is shallower than the drawing, so there is no need for further drilling" and "If you dig any more, it will collapse."
Far from recovering, the weather was affected by a sudden heavy rain mixed with hail.
The soil seemed to be very good, the water was well drained, and it was said that it hardened quickly.
Still, concrete pump hose? Nozzle? is associated with a stomach camera.

This operation also seemed to have craftsmanship, and it was said that the arm was still necessary to fit splendidly without soiling the formwork almost.
I feel that there are technologies hidden in any world that you don't know at first sight.
If you look at the pumping car, you can see the power of the supplier. It was safe if it was a pumping car that was neatly maintained.
In addition to my arm, I thought that maintenance and consciousness were also shining.